TripAdvisor to add ‘Kiwi’ travel agencies

TripAdvisors is joining the growing list of companies that will soon offer “Kiwis” as an option for their listings.The travel agency said in a statement on Monday that it has “an ongoing partnership” with the New Zealand-based Kiwi Travel Agency.“We’re excited to offer this new service to our loyal customers who want to be alerted […]

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What you need to know about Trump travel ban

The U.S. travel ban has been blocked in court and in federal court, but it has been put on hold indefinitely, the Justice Department said on Thursday.The administration’s decision was based on a legal argument that a “state of emergency” existed in place, and that the executive order violates the Constitution.A judge temporarily blocked the […]

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Juventus v Juventus: Italy to start friendly against Italy, Juventus to host Legia Warszawa, Juventus travel agency

Football Italiano (in Italian) 1.Juventus v Italy:  Juventus travel agency annapolis 2.Juventus vs LegiaWarszawa:  Legia Warszaw travel agency 3.Juventus v Legia:  Italy legislative legacy 4.Juventus (3-2-0):  Paulo Dybala 1/2.Paulo Dycke 2/2 1 (3-0) 5. Gianluigi Buffon (2-1-2) (4-0-1) 6. Paulo Dybale (1-0-) (5-1-) 7. Vincenzo Montella (0-2-) 8. Mario Mandzukic (6-1)-(9-1+) 9. Fabio Cannavaro (8-1), Fabrizio Palacios (7-1 ) 10. Marcelo Brozovic (11-1)– Mario Gabbiadini (9) 11. Juventus (7-0)– Marcello Lippi (13) 12. Julio Baptista (12-0), Milan Bello (16) 13. Paolo Di Canio (17-0)… Mauro Icardi (19) 14. Marco Falchetti (18-0–) 15. Giampiero Ventura (21-0, 23) 16. Luis Enrique (23-0 –) 17. David Luiz (25-1, 26) 18. Boris Kolarov (29-1 –)

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I want a travel agency with no ads

Travel agencies are a huge part of our lives.We travel and we work.We buy and sell things and we do everything from buying groceries to taking pictures of the sights and sounds of the cities we visit.And as we travel we get used to the fact that we are part of a vast network of […]

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