Car Hire

All our cars are comprehensively insured and our prices are very competitive. Our rates include car hire charges and driver's allowance if you book a car with a driver but excludes fuel/gas.

Car Hire

Xtreme Tours offers a wide range of 4WD tourist vehicles and safari cars on self drive and car hire with a driver basis. Take note that Uganda drives on the left hand side. We recommend that you book a car hire with a driver. The advantage here is that we offer you a professional driver/tour guide. All our cars are insured and maintained in good mechanical conditions with Air Conditioner (AC). Our rates include car hire charges and driver's allowance if you book a car with a driver but excludes fuel/gas.

For car hire on self drive, a driving license MUST have be presented to our booking office. Then a photocopy of your Driver's License, Passport or any other Travel Identity card should be left at our office premises before taking the vehicle. But when a client books a car with a driver, NO passport copy will be required.

For self drive hire, drivers should be aged between 25 - 65 years with at least 2 years experience under a FULL License and no more than 2 current minor endorsements or 6 penalty points. Drivers aged 65 and above may be accepted subject to a few terms and conditions.

Extension of car rental is available provided our booking office is informed in advance prior to expiry of the agreed rental period and additional deposit is paid. Failure to do so calls for penalty fees.

The hirer is responsible for the full cost of punctures, damage to wheels, wheel rims, tyres and any lost or damaged keys. We offer you one proper spare tyre during the period of hire.

  • Saloon Cars(corona, corolla,ipsum,Raum,premio & caldina)
  • 4X4 station Wagon(Land cruisers, pajeros)
  • 4X4 Omni Buses( 7, 10, 12 & 14)
  • Costa Buses (25 & 30 )
  • Coach Buses (50 to 60 Seaters)
Wild Facts
  • Scientific Name: Kobus kob,
  • Size: 40 to 45 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 140 to 200 pounds
  • Lifespan: 20 years
  • Habitat: Low-lying flats or gently rolling country
  • Diet: Herbivorous/grazers
  • Gestation: 8 months
  • Predators: Large carnivores
Did you know?

When lion males take over a pride, they usually kill the cubs. The females come into estrus and the new males sire other cubs.

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