CNA Travel agencies, National Travel Agency, and Macy’s Travel Agency announced their support of the Trump administration’s travel restrictions on Friday.

All three agencies, along with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), issued statements on Friday supporting President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Friday that prohibits travel to the U.S. by citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela.

Trump issued the executive order in response to the travel ban imposed by President Barack Obama, which also targeted refugees, citizens of six Muslim-majority countries, and visitors from countries with a history of exporting terrorism.

The order, however, was challenged by courts and blocked by the Supreme Court in January.

Following Friday’s announcement, all three agencies issued statements, calling for a “level playing field” for travelers and an end to discrimination against people from those countries and their communities.

“This Executive Order will be a boon to travel to and from the U, and we support it,” CNA said in a statement.

“We also welcome President Trump’s commitment to working with the administration on comprehensive immigration reform.”

Macy’s Travel Association, one of the nation’s largest independent travel agencies in the U and Canada, said in its statement that it has been a “firm supporter of the president’s executive order and look forward to working closely with the White House on the future of our nation.”

Marilyn Travel Association said that its support for the executive ban is “long-standing and bipartisan,” adding that it will be “essential to the success of our clients and the travel industry.”

Merry’s Travel Service, the largest travel agency in the United States, said that it is “concerned about the impact the Executive Order has on the travel and tourism industry,” adding “the Executive Order should not be interpreted to prevent travel from countries where there is a known threat of terrorism.”

“We are also very concerned that the President’s Executive order will harm the U-Visas Program, which helps more than 400,000 people travel to more than 60 countries annually, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Venezuela,” Merry’s said in the statement.

“The U-visas Program is critical for those who are unable to enter the U or are otherwise unable to travel due to persecution, economic hardships, or other national security considerations,” Merry added.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.