The “worst of the best” of the “worst” of Instagram’s worst users has been removed, according to the company’s parent company, The Hill reports.

Milano, the star of the wildly popular social media drama “House of Cards,” was “tortured” on Instagram by the “best” of “worst,” according to a post from Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.

“You are not a part of Instagram because you are not ‘good’ enough to be on Instagram,” Systrom wrote on Instagram.

“The best of the ‘worst’ are our trusted community and the most valuable members of our community.

You are a part.

We love you.”

But “House” is not the only show that has been targeted.

In September, Instagram was slammed for the abuse it faced when a video of a black man being shot in the back went viral.

The video showed the shooting of the young man by a police officer in North Carolina, who was carrying a firearm and reportedly yelled, “F— the n—as.”

Instagram later said it was suspending the accounts of those in the video.

“The video was very disturbing and has caused a lot of pain and anxiety to many people in our community,” Instagram said in a statement at the time.

“We know that this type of behavior can be difficult for some to accept and accept, and it is important that we do everything in our power to stop it.”

The company has also been hit with lawsuits for other controversial posts, including one of the first videos that showed a female model being attacked by her then-boyfriend for wearing the wrong color.