IKEA has officially launched the brand’s new ‘Biggest Dream’ series, which features the husband of the brand world’s most-loved entertainer, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.IKEA’s brand ambassadors have been invited to the launch of the series, with Sir Tim and IKEAs team members including actor Kevin Bacon, director of the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’, and actor-director Adam McKay.

Tim Berners, co-founder of IKES, said: “Our team has worked with IKEa for many years and it is always an honour to work with such a creative and iconic brand.”

We know we are in a unique position to work closely with a brand like IKEas iconic brand and this is the first time that our brand ambassadors will be travelling to Europe.

“Sir Tim and his wife, Lady Gaga, have spent the last five years working tirelessly to support IKEs global mission and are delighted to be working with Ikea.”

I’m looking forward to working with Sir and Lady to make their dream a reality, to make the Biggest Dream of the entire IKE family a reality.”IKEa said that its brand ambassadors had been invited on tour by the IKE brand team to take part in the series.

It added: “The team has been delighted to welcome Sir Tim to IKE’s Biggest Tour.

He has enjoyed the time he has spent with his wife Lady Gaga on the road.

“The Biggest Adventure will be filmed in London and will be broadcast on IKEAS channels in the UK, France and Spain, in the US and Canada.”

Sir Tim’s family said: “‘Biggest’ has become a global brand for IKE as it’s now the most recognised name in travel, and we’re delighted to celebrate the brand by inviting our brand ambassador team to Europe to see the show.”