By Steve CottrellThe world’s first Boeing 777-300ER plane is set to arrive in Sydney in early April for a maiden flight from Brisbane, where it will be joined by a new Boeing 777X plane, both of which have already been approved for Australia’s domestic markets.

The Boeing 777 Blue Star, which is due to arrive at Sydney’s Royal Australian Air Force base by mid-April, is expected to cost about $9.5 billion.

A Boeing 777Blue Star plane arrives at the Royal Australian AF Base in Sydney, Australia, on Tuesday, March 16, 2020.

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing said the plane will be built on a new platform called the 777X.

The 777X is a four-seat, long-haul aircraft designed to accommodate up to 10 passengers.

Its engine is powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 900 turbofan engines, and a pair of Pratt & Whitney PW-109 turbofans, powered by Rolls-Agena JF-17-300 engines.

The first two Boeing 777 aircraft will be powered by the new engine.

Both planes will be designed to operate from Sydney, with the first flight being in 2020.

Boeing 777XThe 777BlueStar, the plane with which the world is now living out the ‘Blue Stars’ in Sydney and Perth, will be made by Boeing.

The company has already begun work on a second plane, and said it expects to have a fully functional version ready for delivery in 2022.

Bomber planeThe 777 BlueStar will be the first Boeing plane to be built in Australia, and will replace the 777-200ER, a Boeing 737-800 which was sold to the US in 2011.

The second Boeing 777 airliner, the 777Blue, will have a similar design and be manufactured by Boeing’s sister company, Embraer, with a new engine, and the same design and engines.

Embraer has announced it is working on a third plane, with two of the company’s Embraersons in development.

The third aircraft will not be a Boeing 777 but will instead be built by Bombardier.

The Bombardiers’ second plane is the CSeries, which will be an entirely new jet, powered entirely by Bombieys engines.

A Bombardiere spokesperson said the company was still in the early stages of the design process for the third aircraft, and could not provide further details.

The final two aircraft will also not be Boeing 777s, but will be manufactured in Australia by Bomb.

The US government approved the two aircraft in late 2019, and Boeing signed an agreement with the Australian government in early 2020 to build the plane.

Bombardier is expected by mid April to have two 777-400s in its fleet, which have a capacity of 810 passengers.

A spokesperson for Bombardieri said it was not yet known whether it would continue using the C Series.

The 737-900 and the 777 are two of Boeing’s most popular aircraft.

The two planes are still far from being in production, but Bomb is confident the 777 is more likely to be in the production pipeline.

“Our plans are for the 737-8 to enter production in the third quarter of 2021,” the company said in a statement.

“We have also been working on the 777 Blue for some time now, and we are confident we can deliver the plane to the market sooner rather than later.”

Boehringer has also announced that it is in talks with Airbus for a possible new aircraft.