Travel agencies have been caught offering free trips for anyone in India, for all kinds of reasons.

The company behind the popular travel agency Flipkart has been caught selling travel tickets for free to travellers from the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, as well as from India and Pakistan.

In an email to The Times of India, a spokesperson for Flipkarns company confirmed that the company had recently introduced an ad on its website for free trips.

“This has been confirmed by our customer team who was contacted by an enquiry about the free travel,” the spokesperson said.

“As per the guidelines, Flipkarts company offers free travel tickets to any Indian travellers for a minimum amount.

The offer has been accepted by all customers.”

A spokesperson for the company said that Flipkars policy is to offer travel for free and that Flipks customers will be able to view the free offer.

“In the past, Flipks has always been a free travel option for Indian travellers and Flipkass will continue to offer free travel for any Indian traveller regardless of nationality, income, nationality or travel experience,” the company spokesperson said in a statement.

“We will continue working on the free booking feature for India and look forward to bringing free travel to the entire Indian market.”

Flipkart is the latest in a long line of travel agency to be caught offering a free ticket for any traveller in India.

The travel agency AgustaWestland recently got in trouble for charging tourists for flights to and from the UK, and booking flights for them in New Zealand and South Africa.

The Times of Indian reports that Flipkick’s advertising campaign, however, seems to be the first of its kind in the country.

It’s not the first time a travel agency has been busted for selling travel services for free in India: In July, Flipkick was caught offering its travel service to anyone in the US for a fee of $25, the cheapest in the world.

“Flipkick’s new advertising campaign is the first such advertising campaign of its type in India,” the travel agency’s spokesperson said on behalf of Flipkick.

“The campaign is aimed at making the people of India aware about the benefits of the Flipkarty platform.”