A Moroccan travel agency has announced it is suspending the processing of Syrian refugees in the country following the deadly attacks in Paris.

The decision was made following the attack in Paris on Friday which killed 129 people, including 19 children.

“We have decided to suspend the processing and entry of Syrian nationals from Syria to Morocco for now,” said Al-Shahab Travel Agency, which manages flights from the French city to the capital of Casablanca.

“This is because of the recent terrorist attacks in France and in particular, the attacks in Casablancas, where several of our passengers were killed.”

Al-shahab, which also manages flights to other African nations including Senegal, Mali and Benin, says it was “extremely concerned” by the attacks.

It has also said it will suspend its operations in the city of Damac, a popular tourist destination, and will instead continue to operate flights to Morocco.

Morocco is one of the few countries in the world that allows refugees to remain in the neighbouring country.

But the country is still reeling from the Paris attacks which left 130 dead.

The attack sparked a massive exodus of people who had fled Syria’s civil war.

There were also reports that the country was preparing to accept tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing the violence.

The government has also suspended all foreign missions from Morocco in an attempt to stem the flow of migrants and refugees.

In a statement on Friday, the Moroccan government said the government “has decided to stop the entry of refugees to Morocco.”

“The Moroccan authorities have taken this decision because of terrorist attacks that took place in Paris, which left 129 people dead and dozens wounded,” the statement said.

“The country will continue to take measures to prevent the entry and movement of migrants to Morocco and prevent their entering the country illegally.”

The statement did not give any further details about what those measures would be.

The Al-Majdaloun camp where the Paris attackers killed 129 People have also reportedly been housed in a temporary camp in Casac, Morocco’s capital.