China’s largest airlines have announced plans to open offices in the U.S. in coming years.

The two Chinese airlines have long maintained their long-standing ties with Washington, with the U and Chinese governments holding the bulk of the seats.

However, the announcement that two new Chinese airlines will soon open offices on American soil has set off a frenzy of speculation on Twitter, with one commentator saying the move is a signal to the world that the U of A. is no longer the country of the free.

China is home to about 100 million Chinese, according to the U-S.

Census Bureau.

The new airlines will be operated by the same company that operates the American airline, AirChina.

China’s National Development and Reform Commission said the new airlines would open their first U. S. office in 2017 and their second in 2019.

“The Chinese airlines, which have been the backbone of China’s growth and diversification in the last decade, will offer a wide range of services including domestic and international flights, hotel reservations, bookings and other services, as well as leisure activities,” the announcement said.

“We are confident that these companies will provide a solid and safe platform for the American travelers, who will enjoy a variety of Chinese-style service, which is more affordable and efficient than those offered by the Chinese airlines,” the commission said.

The announcement follows a meeting between U. of A and Chinese leaders in January, during which U.s.

President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping reaffirmed their friendship.