The U.K. and other European countries are seeing an uptick in domestic travel in the wake of Brexit, but the U.”s could also be on the verge of a similar situation, according to a new report.

According to a recent report by the nonprofit Travel Industry Association (TIA), domestic travel is up by a whopping 22% in the U., which is the third-largest increase in the world.

Travel industry experts have warned of a “disaster” if the U.-K.

continues on its current path.

While most of the growth is seen in Europe, experts warn the U-K.

could experience a similar decline as well.

In addition to the U.’s rise, other countries in Europe are experiencing a boom in domestic tourism, which has grown by 60% over the past five years, according the TIA report.

The U.k. is seen as a “great place” to travel in Europe due to the country’s location and the country has become a hub for the world’s largest tourism industry, the report states.

Europe has long struggled with its domestic tourism industry.

While there are many places to go, it is hard to get to them all, and there are also a number of issues that can limit the ability of people to make a decent living, according Toffee.

The European Union has introduced an “economic zone” which means that a country’s citizens will no longer be able to make any money in the country unless they move to the European Economic Area, a special economic zone that has been created to cater to those who are looking to make money.

This has resulted in a lot of people moving to the EU, and the U has seen an uptick, according TIA.

But if Brexit comes to pass, the U could be on a different path.TIA points to some examples of other countries that are seeing more domestic tourism in Europe:Germany has seen a 70% rise in domestic tourist spending.

France has seen the biggest increase, with an increase of 34% over five years.

Spain, the third most popular destination for domestic tourism and one of the most popular destinations for Europeans, is also seeing a surge in domestic tourists.

Spain’s foreign tourists have increased by 45% over a five-year period, and its domestic tourists are also seeing an increase.

Spain is the largest market for European tourism in the entire world, and it has been growing at a rapid pace, according Tourism Spain.

Tourism in Spain is still at its highest level since at least 2006, when it was a little over 20%.

However, in recent years, the country also experienced a recession, which contributed to a dip in foreign tourism.

According Toffee, the number of international tourists has fallen in the past year, but it is expected to recover in the future.

The reason for this may be because of the economic crisis, he said.

But there are still plenty of other factors at play that are affecting the U’s domestic tourism sector.

For example, there are no European airlines to take international travelers to the United States.

Travel agencies are reluctant to take American travelers because they can’t do all of the work.

And in order to get into the United Kingdom, you need a visa.”

In addition, the [European] Union has implemented a lot more restrictions on travel to the continent, such as requiring passport control at airports,” he said, “which means you can’t take the U and go to Europe.

So there’s a lot less opportunities for Europeans to come and see the United Kingdoms.