A long list of airlines are flying the exact same planes in a bid to minimise their costs.

The airlines’ plan has been dubbed “The Bali Rules” after the Indonesian resort town where the rule was first announced in March.

Key points:Airline flights from Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Sydney to Kuala Lumpur will be identical from October 12thThe airline’s decision will cost the airlines up to $4 billionA number of airlines have said they will be forced to change their planes, including United, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Etihad, Emirates, Jetstar and Thai Airways.

The decision to make a major change to flights to the country from December will cost $4.5 billion.

A spokesman for AirAsia said it would make a total of 20 flights each day from Brisbane to Kuala Kong and to the other two capitals from October 1st.

“All flights to Kuala and KL will be the same and they will all be operated by the same company,” the spokesman said.

“We will make this announcement as soon as the Government of Malaysia allows us to do so.”‘

It’s the only way we can afford it’The announcement came as the Federal Government released its 2017 budget, which was expected to increase the cost of airline travel by about $4,200 per person per day.

AirAsia chief executive Paul Watson said the cost would be offset by lower fuel costs, less congestion on the roads and less pollution.

“It’s an extremely good outcome,” he said.

“It means we will be able to operate our operations in a more cost-effective way.”

This is the only reason we are doing it.”‘

We’ve always been about saving money’AirAsia’s decision was welcomed by travellers, who are often among the biggest customers of the airlines.”

There’s been a lot of talk about AirAsia not making the change and I think it’s a fantastic decision,” travel blogger and blogger on travel site The Travelist, who has flown to the Middle East multiple times, said.

But others said it was a poor move from the airline.”

AirAsia is not making a change to save money, but I think they should have gone with the ‘The Bana Bali Rule’ as it will save them money,” TripAdvisor’s CEO Mark Dyer said.