A travel agency that claims to cater exclusively to wealthy people is claiming to have paid $US8 million for white luxury cars, according to Australian Financial Report.

The company, which was founded in 2002, operates in New South Wales and Victoria.

The claim, first reported by the ABC, is the latest in a string of allegations against luxury travel agencies.

In February, it was reported that a luxury car dealer in Melbourne had paid $1 million to buy a white Ferrari.

The news caused outrage online, with many saying the business had paid a “sugar daddies” to take advantage of people who were wealthy enough to buy cars from a luxury travel company.

“This is the new reality,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“In 2017, it’s about time people started to pay attention to how this business operates.”

Another user wrote: “I would have never bought this car if I knew how much it would cost.”

The travel agency has not responded to the ABC’s request for comment.

In March, it emerged that a wealthy businessman who lives in Perth and owns a private jet, had bought a luxury Mercedes-Benz S550 for $1.3 million.

The man, who goes by the name of Chris, told the ABC that he paid $2 million to get the car and had also received a $US3 million “fishing holiday” to the Caribbean.

“The deal was so good that it’s now worth about $US5 million,” he said.

The businessman also told the broadcaster he had spent $US400,000 on the car.

In August, it came to light that a high-profile Melbourne man was travelling on a luxury plane with a billionaire who owns a multimillion-dollar home.

The billionaire, who has not been named, flew with a group of wealthy businessmen and their families, the ABC reported.

The travel company, called Expedia, also had a “fantastic” trip to Dubai last month, according the report.

The report said the wealthy businessman’s trip to the Gulf state cost him $US200,000.