Uber has now banned some of its drivers from its app after the company’s top executives revealed a new tool that allows users to buy an Uber licence and then drive with the company.

The new system is called the Uber “Buddy” and it works like this: After you have completed a test ride, you can log into the Uber app.

There, you’ll find the “My Ride” tab.

Here you’ll see the UberBuddy app, which you can use to buy a licence.

You’ll be asked to log in with your Uber account, and then your name, phone number and email address.

You can then click the “Buy” button.

Then, after filling out the form, you will be asked whether you want to buy the Uber licence or not.

This is where you will have to confirm your decision, and you can also confirm that you are willing to drive with Uber.

You should now see the new “BUDDY” section of the app, where you can enter the name of your Uber driver and the phone number of his/her phone.

You will then be prompted to provide the address of the property you wish to drive for, as well as the name and address of his or her car.

It is then a matter of confirming that you want the licence and confirm that there are no other drivers available on the Uber network.

When you confirm that your name and the address matches the information you entered, you are now allowed to drive without the hassle of a licence check.

The process is simple: You will simply provide the phone numbers and email addresses, and the app will tell you whether you’re ready to drive.

You’re also given a 10-minute window in which to fill out a form, which should take no more than 30 seconds.

After filling out this form, the Uber service will then tell you that the driver has successfully passed the test, and that you should now head over to the app to pay.

Once the driver is ready to go, he/she will be required to go to the address where the car will be parked.

You are then allowed to pick up the car.

Uber will then send the licence to the Uber driver.

 When you have paid for the licence, you should be able to drive the car from there.

However, there is one catch: When the driver leaves the location, he must return to the spot where he/ she parked the car, so that the Uber car can then be driven there.

This means that if the driver does not return within 10 minutes, then the Uber drivers license will be lost forever.

You may want to consider doing this, because the company is now charging drivers for a new licence that will expire in three months.

In order to get the licence back, the driver must pay for it, and he/ her driver must also provide the required documents.

You need to provide proof of the transaction, as outlined in the terms and conditions of the Uber license.

The driver can also get a $200 licence deposit if they are in a rush to get their licence back.

Uber has said that the new system was designed to be easy to use for both drivers and drivers of other drivers.

If you have any questions about Uber’s new licensing system, you may wish to contact the Uber Safety team, or to contact Uber customer support, who can help.