Travel agents are taking note of the changes in the market, according to a new study.

A new study by the travel agency consultant firm Daos Travel Agency found that many travel agencies are now offering travel packages that include one or more of the following travel perks:• Premium hotel room packages that come with room service and amenities such as massage, spa treatments, and private transportation• Discount hotel room and airport packages that offer room service for a reduced price• Free, all-inclusive travel packages with no hidden fees or cancellation fees• Travel packages that are tailored to a specific geographic area or destination.• Discount, free, and reduced rate airline ticket packages that don’t include a booking fee or airline transfer fee.• Free airport transfers from a hotel to a destination.

A number of these services offer complimentary amenities like spa treatments or a private jet or charter flight for travelers who can’t afford an airline ticket.

Daos says it is focused on delivering the best value for consumers, and the travel agencies that it represents are working hard to find ways to make travel as convenient and efficient as possible.

Dao says it has over 3,000 partners across a variety of travel destinations in the United States and Canada.

The travel agency is also launching a new service in 2018 that will provide travel recommendations to consumers.

The Daos App will offer recommendations for hotel accommodations, flight schedules, and other travel services.