A trip to Las Vegas is about to become a lot more affordable thanks to a new way to book a plane trip online.

Travelers in the Las Vegas area can now book a flight online for as little as $20 online.

Travel agents are offering this option to make the process of booking flights a lot easier.ABC News reports that online booking has become the new normal in Las Vegas.

Travelers will be able to book their flight through a travel agency like Atlantic Travel Agency and they can even get a flight reservation through the airlines website.

Travel agent Barbara Lutz says, “We can’t wait to see what we can bring to your vacation.”

Lutz has worked with Atlantic Travel for over 15 years and says she is so excited about the online booking process that she will be using it in the future.

She says that booking is so much easier than a hotel booking.

She says, “[It] is much easier to find a hotel than to find an airline ticket.”

Lutzes family has been in Las the past five years.

She is a former employee at the travel agency.

She also has a degree in international relations and is fluent in Spanish.

She believes online booking is a way to make it easier to get a reservation.

Lutz is excited to see how the service will benefit her business.

She said, “The more people that are willing to book online, the more people we can work with to get the best deals.”LUTZ SAYS THERE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO TAKING A TOURISTSHIPBARBARA LUTZ, who is a travel agent with Atlantic Airlines, says that online travel is an easy and fun way to travel.

She has been working with Atlantic since 2013.

“When you book online you can have a reservation with a hotel and you can pay for your flight online,” she said.

She adds, “There is always a choice.”ABC News also reports that Atlantic has expanded their website to include travel agents for Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Express, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin America, Southwest Airlines and United.

Travel agents can book flights at www.atlantictravelagency.com or www.tourismagency.net.ABC NEWS NEWS CREDIT: ABC NewsSource ABC News