A travel agency that is trying to attract travellers by offering discounted prices for holidays in Northern Ireland has said it is down.

Huron Travel is one of several companies in Northern Irish travel to be affected by a temporary disruption due to a power outage.

Hurons website, which provides travel information to Northern Ireland, has been unavailable since last week and is not expected to return for a few weeks.

The website has not responded to a request for comment from TheJournal.ie.

The company said on its website that it is working with a customer support team to get the website back online.

It said it will not be able to provide information for travel and accommodation for a limited time.

Hurontravel.com was launched in July 2014 by John Harkin, the founder of the Tourism Authority of Northern Ireland (TANI).TANIs main aim is to make travel to Northern France more accessible and affordable.

The site is accessible from mainland Ireland and includes a range of travel advice, guides and tips for visiting Northern Ireland and abroad.