Some airfare companies are charging extra fees for flights to the two West Coast states.

They include:Airfare, the company behind the popular Virgin America, has charged more than $1,000 in fees for domestic trips to Idaho and Washington since last year, according to data compiled by The Associated Press.

Virgin America spokeswoman Jessica Gattes said the airline is “not charging additional fees for the flights.”

The company’s Alaska and Hawaii routes charge $1.50 each way.

The airlines’ prices include the fees for a domestic ticket, as well as any additional charges like baggage fees., a booking app, said that since the end of September, it had charged $5.95 per person for domestic flights between Washington and Idaho.

The fee also includes a $40 charge to pay for baggage, an additional $5 fee for domestic baggage, and $50 to pay a $50 reservation fee. has charged $1 per person per room to rent a room on its website.

Other airlines, including Delta and United, charge the same price.

Airline and hotel rates can also vary depending on which states you’re traveling to and when you book.

Airlines can charge an additional fee for flights that leave from other states, which can include fees for hotel rooms, hotel parking and airfares.

A similar fee was charged by a Southwest Airlines passenger in Utah last year.

A Southwest spokesman said the fee was “the result of a mistake that we are working to correct.”

Airbnb has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Other airlines charge higher prices for flights from the two states to Alaska and to Hawaii.

Southwest Airlines said it charges $1 for each person, plus $10 per person if booked with an AirTranĀ® card.

Southwest said it has “no relationship” with the companies it’s charging the fee to, and that “the costs for all of our international travelers are borne by the airlines.”

Delta said it charged $2.50 per person, including the fee for the first-class seat.

Southwest added that “some of our customers may experience a fee increase on the first leg of their trip.”

United Airlines said the fees are “not based on the price of the ticket or the flight.”

Travelers who choose to use Airbnb for lodging have been charged fees for each room they stay in.

Airbnb said the service charges $15 per night for hotels and $35 per night in hostels and motels.

United Airlines said its flight pricing will remain unchanged, but that it is “conducting a review to see if we need to make changes to our pricing” for travel to the U.S.

The companies said they have not yet found the causes of the price hikes. said it had been charged $10.10 for each night of stays in a house in Seattle.

Airbnb has not responded to an inquiry about the pricing.

AirbnB said it is not charging additional fee to book airfare from the U, but it is charging a $10 fee per room for its guests, including a $5 booking fee.

It said that “it is the policy of Airbnb to charge an extra $10 to cover all expenses related to air travel to and from the United States.”

The airline said it “will continue to work closely with the airline to ensure the best value for all guests.”