U.N. agencies, travel agents and airlines are encouraging travellers from the U.K. and the U., Europe and Canada to visit India and China, respectively.

United, the world’s largest airline by passengers, and Air India, which operates the first Indian-Chinese flight between Mumbai and Beijing, said the offer would help boost tourism in the region.

“Our travel partners are very keen on the idea of extending our hospitality to the region, which is experiencing a global economic boom and a growing population of tourists,” said U.F.O. chief executive Richard Gulliver.

“They want to see the region flourish, and to encourage their customers to come visit the region.”

The airlines said the new flights would begin on May 25 and run until November 4.

The offer is a significant step forward for the region given that U.P.C.E. is India’s largest passenger airport, which opened in 2013.

India has long been a hotbed of tourism and tourism growth, with more than 8 million visitors a year in India.

More than 100,000 tourists from India and around the world have come to India this year.