Travel agencies and hotel chains are warning drivers not to use their cell phones while driving.

The advice comes as a major international airport in London prepares to start accepting credit cards on Monday.

The UK is one of the first countries to allow the use of Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards at all of its major airports, with many airlines in Europe and the US still considering whether to allow them.

Visa and MasterCard are now allowed at British airports.

The U.S. is not currently allowing use of credit cards at airports, but the move could be coming in the coming weeks.

Travel agencies are urging drivers to use phones in the car, while hotels are urging people to be more careful while they’re in the vehicle.

Travelers can report stolen mobile phones, and some airlines will not allow the purchase of credit or debit cards at their terminals.

The airlines and hotels said they are trying to help passengers avoid being hit by another vehicle while driving, and that passengers can check with their airlines about how they can get around a security checkpoint.

Travel companies said they have seen a decrease in theft of credit and debit cards since the rules were first introduced in 2015.