A company based in the Chinese city of Moro that operates travel agencies and hotels is launching an entirely new business.

The new business, which has yet to be named, is called Phoenix Travel Agency, and it will use a mix of advertising and direct marketing to bring Chinese tourists to the Philippines.

It’s not the first venture of its kind to take off in Asia.

Phoenix is already in the Philippines with its own travel agency business.

The company is also known for its travel agency work in India and Myanmar.

A $400 million investment is not a big amount of money in China, but the Chinese have been taking the lead in tourism investment.

They’re trying to make money.

China’s tourism industry is expected to grow by about 3.5 percent in 2017, and there are over 2.2 million Chinese living in the country, according to the Chinese Tourism Administration.

We’re just at the beginning of this, so it’s a very exciting time in China.

For the most part, the Chinese government doesn’t like the idea of foreign corporations entering their country, but Phoenix is trying to change that.