A Brazilian travel agency has been charged with sex trafficking two Brazilian women who went missing in Brazil’s Amazon region last year.

According to police in Rio de Janeiro, a Brazilian woman went missing from a hotel in the state of Rio Grande do Sul on August 6, 2017, after staying with her boyfriend in Rio’s posh neighborhood of Porto Alegre.

According a report by the local media, the woman was found in a hotel room with multiple bruises and cuts on her body.

Police say the two women, who are from Brazil’s northern state of Para, are believed to have been trafficked into Brazil.

According the report, the women are believed have been exploited by an unidentified male foreign worker who lived in the apartment of a Brazilian travel agent.

The agent reportedly has not been identified.

The report also says the two victims have since returned to Brazil, and that the agency has paid compensation to their families.

The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism and Sports has since been notified of the charges.

Police in Rio are investigating whether the agency was aware of the women’s whereabouts and have appealed for information on the identity of the suspect.

The women, both in their early twenties, were reportedly found in Rio by police in their hotel room after they left for a party in the neighborhood of Parabaso.

The couple has not yet been identified, according to the local police, but the agency is reportedly registered in the Brazilian city of Portouche, where the victims lived.