Polish travel agency franchise opens in Ireland

The Polish travel company PolishTravel has opened its first Irish branch in Dublin.The franchise, which will open next year, will focus on Irish destinations and also has branches in Scotland, France and Spain.PolishTravel is based in the UK and is based on the idea of offering “unique” travel experiences.The company has already been granted an […]

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Top 10 travel agencies to try in 2018

Travel agents are taking note of the changes in the market, according to a new study.A new study by the travel agency consultant firm Daos Travel Agency found that many travel agencies are now offering travel packages that include one or more of the following travel perks:• Premium hotel room packages that come with room […]

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How to get free hotel rooms online for free

You can pay online and have rooms delivered to your door in just 30 minutes, but you can also book a hotel room for a fraction of the price.That’s the trick to finding free hotel room deals.Here’s how.Lasalle travel agents Lasalle has been offering free hotel packages for the last year.It’s one of the first […]

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Huron travel company says its website is down

A travel agency that is trying to attract travellers by offering discounted prices for holidays in Northern Ireland has said it is down.Huron Travel is one of several companies in Northern Irish travel to be affected by a temporary disruption due to a power outage.Hurons website, which provides travel information to Northern Ireland, has been […]

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Meet the travel agency that’s getting the world’s top spot

Polished travel agency TTT has been named the top spot in the travel industry for the fourth consecutive year, beating out other travel agencies including Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia.TTT is currently the third-largest travel agency by revenue and the fourth-largest by market share, according to an analysis by Recode.The data also shows that TTT continues […]

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