Great gulls are some of the most amazing animals on Earth.

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They live in remote areas of the world, so you need to know the ins and outs of their life.

The Great Guls have some amazing names.

These birds are a favorite of nature photographers, and they have inspired the likes of Tom Wolfe and Tom Cruise to name their species.

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Gull Facts Gull chicks can be found in March and June, but the chicks are in high demand during the nesting season, so it is best to visit before nesting season.

Learn about the different types of gulls in the North Atlantic, which are known as the Blue-necked Gull and the Great Yellow Gull.

Learn how to tell the difference between Great Yellow and Blue-nosed Gull gulls.

Learn what to look for when you see Great Yellow gulls, which look similar to Great Yellow geese.

Learn where the Great Blue-eyed Gull nests and what they look like.

The species of gull is not a very well-known bird in the United States.

The largest gull in the world can weigh up to 2,400 pounds and reach a height of up to 3,500 feet.

The other species are known by other names.

Great Blue Gull is a species that is very rare, with only about 30 individuals in the wild.

Great Yellow, also known as Great White Gull, is a very common species found in New England and North America.

Great Goolies are also known by the name of a specific bird in Florida.

They are often confused with Great White gulls because Great White are often called Great White Geese, but Great Gools are not.

Learn the names of the other birds that are found in Florida, as well as other birds of prey.