A new travel deal will be in effect in Cuba, Belo­guards and Belu­sians starting October 1.

Traveling abroad through the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Brazil and India is now available, according to the official travel agency website. 

While some countries may have a new agreement, others may still have restrictions or may not be offering the deals.

The list below is in no way exhaustive and is subject to change. 

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Cubans and Bolivians can purchase flights on flights from New York to London or Paris, and Bolivians can purchase flights from London to Paris and from Paris to Madrid. 

Travelers can also purchase airfare through the official airline website of the country, travel.cuba.com. 

Belfast-based Travel Ireland will offer flights from Dublin to Madrid, Dublin to London and London to Madrid through October 1, and flights from Madrid to Lisbon through October 2. 

British Airways is offering flights from Edinburgh to Madrid from October 1 through October 10, and it will offer airfare from Edinburgh to Lisbon from October 2 through November 1. 

United Airlines is offering airfares from London to Madrid on October 1 and from Madrid to Paris on October 2, and the company is also offering premium airlines from London to Paris and Paris to Madrid in October 3. 

Singapore Airlines is purchasing airline from Dubai to Paris from October 3 through December 1, while Singapore Airlines is also purchase airport from Dublin to London from October 4 through January 15. 

Norwegian Air, which operates flights from Amsterdam to Paris, will be offering flight from Amsterdam to London from October 5 through March 28. 

Airfares from Singeland will be available from October 1 to November 10 from Dubin to London, and from December 1 to November 12 from London to Amsterdam. 

The list below may change with the release of new deals. 

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