Deira, FL (FOX Sports) The Black Travel Agency has closed its doors after three years of operation, closing its doors due to low revenue, according to the company’s website.

The website also states that the company is no longer in the business of transporting black people.

Deira’s Black Travel agency has operated in Florida since March 2016, and had been a subsidiary of Black Entertainment Group, which operates in the Tampa Bay area.

Black Entertainment was shut down in January 2017 after a series of lawsuits.

The Black Transportation Agency was founded in 2013 by Black Entertainment founder and CEO Joe Smith, who was also the former head of Black Travel.

Smith was later fired from Black Entertainment in February 2018.

The company is owned by Black Travel Group, and was a division of Black Enterprises Holdings LLC, which was also a subsidiary company of Black Enterprise Holdings Inc., the company that was dissolved in January 2018.

Deiras Black Travel, which has locations in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa Bay, has locations throughout the state, including in Orlando and St. Petersburg.

It has a full fleet of vehicles.

Black Travel was founded by Smith after a two-year stint at Black Entertainment, where he served as vice president of marketing, operations and sales.

Smith is now the CEO of the Tampa-based Black Entertainment group.

Black and Black Entertainment merged in February 2019.

Smith also co-founded and sold Black Entertainment to Black Entertainment Holdings in 2017, which dissolved in February 2020.

Black Transportation Group is a division and not a separate company.

The Tampa Bay Times reported in August 2018 that Black Transportation was a subsidiary.

In October 2018, Black Travel group’s founder and president, Joe Smith was arrested in Fort Lauderdale for allegedly participating in a conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Black transportation, which also owns Black Entertainment and Black Transportation, is one of the largest black travel companies in the United States, according the Tampa Tribune.

Deirs Black Transportation is located in Fort Myers, Florida.

Black Transport Group, a division in Black Enterprises, operates in Florida, Florida Beach, Fort Myers and St Petersburg.

Black Enterprises also operates in Orlando, Orlando, St. Pete and Miami.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in March 2019 that Black Travel had closed its Tampa-area offices.

Deireas Black Transportation also operates a fleet of black vehicles in Fort Worth and Tampa.

The Deirees Black Transportation group operates in Fort Pierce, Florida, and Stetson, Florida and is headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Black Travels was created in 2016 by Black Enterprise, which is a subsidiary for Black Enterprises.

Black Tourism Group was created and is owned and operated by Black Enterprises in 2018.