Travel agency Omaha is scrambling to get people home, as the city’s emergency management team is scrambling.

We’re working to get folks home, but we’re having a hard time getting them to the airport, said Omaha city spokeswoman Jennifer Toth.

The airport is now the biggest source of demand for air travel in Omaha.

Toth said the airport has a mix of people who need to get to work, and people who are arriving at the same time as travelers.

The city is also trying to get some families out of their homes and back into the area to make sure they have a place to stay.

We are also in contact with FEMA to get families out to shelters, and we have a family of four that are getting out of the house, Toth said.

The agency is asking people who can’t get to the city to check their email or Twitter accounts to let them know they are stuck at airport.

It is also encouraging people to stay away from crowds.

The city is not letting people drive their own vehicles and is asking anyone who drives to Omaha to follow directions from their dispatcher.

It’s not a bad situation, but it is an emotional and logistical challenge, Tith said.

We can’t just get people to the airports.

There is a need for people to be able to get home safely.

We are hoping that folks can take advantage of this opportunity and take the time to help us get them home safely.