A bird travel agent is a specialist in bird travel.

This includes, for example, providing flight, ground, and air routes for birds of prey.

In some cases, they may also provide assistance with booking a flight.

Bird travel agencies may also be involved in providing bird-friendly accommodation, which may include catering services, bird-watching tours, and bird-keeping.

A bird travelling agent may be a bird watching business, bird watching trip or even a bird-fishing business.

Bird-fisheries, bird conservation or wildlife rehabilitation are some of the services they provide.

There are many ways in which a bird travelling agency can make money, but a bird traveling agent should be familiar with the different types of services available to them, as well as the specific services they are offering.

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Key points Bird travel agents are an integral part of the tourism industry Bird travel is an important way for Australians to visit exotic animals in Australia, with the exception of certain species.

They also provide a safe, affordable way to see some of Australia’s most important wildlife and its habitat.

Bird tourism companies may offer a range of services, from booking a trip for a particular species to managing tours for a specific species.

Bird visiting and bird conservation services are offered for a variety of birds, and are available for a range from the common bird such as crows to the rarest and most endangered species such as the golden eagle.

A range of bird-based businesses offer bird-specific catering services.

Bird watching, bird tourism and bird hunting are some examples of the types of activities a bird visiting agent may offer.

Find a bird tourism agency Bird visiting companies can offer various services, including: Bird monitoring services, which involve keeping detailed records of the number of birds in a specific area and how they behave and where they live, as part of their business plan.

This may include identifying a specific bird and providing an overview of its behaviour.