You can make your passport without any hotel rooms.

A new guide has revealed how to make the most of the best available signs and symbols to let you know where to go and what to expect, as well as a few tips for keeping a passport authentic and readable.


Choose a place you know will be a good hotel, such as a hotel with a signboard, or a travel agency with an official signage guide.


Take a map of your destination with you, and make a note of the most important details.

If you’re going to visit a hotel, for example, note the name of the property and the type of hotel.


If the signboard doesn’t tell you what to do, take a photo of your passport with the sign.

You’ll need to print it off or print it onto a card or piece of paper and take it with you.


If there’s a sign board outside the hotel, place it somewhere you know you can walk to. 5.

Check with your passport office for any extra information they may have to add.

When you’re done, take the passport away and keep it with the rest of your travel, hotel and travel documents.

It should be easy to tell if the hotel you’re visiting is authentic or not.