A trip abroad, for one or more families, is often a source of great joy and excitement for the traveller.

The cost of a stay abroad can be as low as 1,000-1,500 rupees (about $3-$4), depending on the destination and the number of rooms, but it’s always a bargain to go.

Here’s how to make the most of the savings.


Take a cheap hotel If you don’t have any room in your budget, a hotel can be an excellent choice.

A hotel room can cost between 1,500 and 2,000 rupees a night, depending on whether you have access to private rooms or a shared room, which you can buy at a discount.

A one-night stay in a hotel is usually cheap, especially if you can use the hotel’s rooms for meals and activities.


Book a flight If you plan to travel alone, it’s a good idea to book a ticket to one of the countries you want to visit.

A plane ticket costs about $100 (about €70) and costs between 15,000 and 30,000 rupiah (about £13 to £17).

However, some airlines will charge you for a seat on the flight as part of the ticket price.

A cheap flight is worth it if you want a short break from your busy schedule.


Get a taxi If you’re not willing to spend money on a taxi, there are plenty of taxis that can get you anywhere.

A taxi driver will ask for a deposit of 100,000 to 200,000 (about R3,000-$5,000) depending on where you are, but the total amount can be much higher depending on your income and the taxi company.

In some countries, the price is as low at as 5,000 Rupiah ($7.50).

You can also find taxi-booking services like TaxiX and UberX.

A recent report by the Australian Taxation Office found that most Australians are earning R2,000 less per month on average than they were 10 years ago.


Book an overnight hotel If the prices of hotels, taxis and flights seem too expensive, consider booking an overnight stay at a hotel, as a bed and breakfast is usually cheaper than a private room.

If you have no room in the budget, there’s no reason why you can’t save money on travel and hotel rooms.

To book a hotel room, you’ll need to check the hotel website and choose one with a minimum stay of 30 days.

Alternatively, you can book a room at a hostel.

The most popular hotels are: Accommodation Inn – Accommodatee is a luxury hotel in the southern city of Malabo.

Rooms cost R1,000 a night.

The room can be shared with one guest.