With the recent US election results, the country of Australia is once again in the news, and in this case, travel agency BCG is making its first trip to the US.

The agency is flying to San Diego, California for a two-day tour of the city, the largest in the US by population, that will include stops in the country’s two major airports.

This is the first time BCG has visited the US for more than a year, and the travel agency is not happy about the fact that its staff will have to travel from the UK to the country.

“Our staff are going to have to change their schedules to make the trip to San Francisco,” BCG spokesperson Jessica Kneebone told Next Big Futures.

“It’s not just for us but for the US workers who work for us.”

BCG is planning to use the US’s only non-stop service to take its staff to the San Francisco Bay Area, and Kneeter told Next BV that this trip is the last in a series of trips to the region to be made.

It’s a shame, and not just because BCG staff are already having to spend weeks in the UK trying to get their visas, she said.

“There are no other international flights into the US and the amount of paperwork involved is just ridiculous.

When BCG first started in the USA, it was like ‘I’ll do it the same way, I’ll do a little bit more than I would normally and then I’ll go back to my home country’.” The company said it has “no plans” to stop in the Bay Area and has also secured “the right to hire US employees”.

“We are proud to announce that we have secured the necessary visas to bring our staff to San Jose, California,” BCg’s spokesperson said.

A trip to Mexico is a different story.

Instead, BCG will make a three-day trip to Tijuana and spend three days there.

“We will fly back to the UK, so we can bring our UK staff with us on this trip,” Kneeber said. 

“We’re looking forward to bringing our UK team along on this exciting journey.” 

“I think people are tired of having to go through the hassle of travelling to places like Mexico, and it’s something we think could be fun to do,” BCGs spokesperson said of the trip.

BCGs mission to the U.S. began with a trip to California in 2014, and after two years of planning, the company’s first visit has now been confirmed by BCG.

Kneebones said the travel company was not yet sure when it would make its second trip to America, but the agency hopes to start flying again in March or April.

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