Travel agencies are now required to tell prospective clients when they’ll be entering the country.

It means the Philippine government has to tell people they’re not going to the Philippines to enjoy a tourist vacation.

The move comes after President Rodrigo Duterte signed a new law in December requiring all travel agencies to register with the Philippine Embassy.

Read more at yn Travel Agency in Manila, the Philippines, July 30, 2019 Agencies in the country will also be required to provide detailed information on how to enter and leave the country, such as their locations and departure dates.

Read more: Agents must now provide travel documents that include information about the country’s borders, travel agencies must have an annual fee of P100,000 and the agency must have a business name and address.

There are also a range of new regulations and requirements, such, the agency has to register for a passport, and they can’t work in the public sector.Read More