A few weeks ago, I posted about how I was able to book my flight through UberPool and Lyft for an entire week.

Today, I’ve got the full rundown of what I did to get there. 


Make a reservation at UberPool. 

When you sign up at Uber, you get to choose a city, choose the number of people, and then select the number and type of car you want to book.

For me, I chose a Ford Fusion SUV with a 4-door pickup truck, and I was looking for a 4×4 for the whole week. 

UberPool’s app also lets you pick a city to book, so you don’t need to wait for your reservation to arrive. 


Find the UberPool app. 

I chose to book via the Uber app, which lets you choose from over 20 cities.

 The app also offers an UberPool reservation system, which is very simple to use. 


Pay with your credit card.

Once you’ve picked your destination, you’re asked to fill out a short form that you fill out when you book.

You then receive an email with your booking details, including your credit or debit card information.

If you didn’t include a credit card, it’ll prompt you to enter your bank details.

You can also set your UberPool credit card to be billed to your account in the future. 


Receive your booking confirmation email.

After you’ve booked your car and picked your hotel, you’ll get a confirmation email, along with the full itinerary.

The email tells you how long you’ll need to stay in the city, and it also lets me know when you’re due to arrive at your destination.

I was able to book my trip through Uber for the entire week and got the exact itinerary that I needed to go. 5. 

Use UberPool to book hotel stays.

The best part of UberPool is that it allows you to book hotels directly from the app, so your room doesn’t have to be booked online.

You can book rooms online from hotels in almost any city in the world, including Dubai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

UberPool is also a great way to save money on hotels because you don.t have to spend a lot of money on car rentals or restaurants. 


Book your rental car through Uber.

If you’ve got a vehicle, you can book your rental with UberPool by simply filling out an application and paying for the car with your Uber account.


Take the train or bus to your destination using UberPool car rental.

By using Uber’s app, you don?t need to book your car online. 


Enjoy the UberPasses.

When you book your trip, you also get a UberPaste ticket that can be used to pay for a taxi. 


Stay at the Marriott in Kuala Lumpur for a night and see what it’s like.

Another great Uber feature is that you can pick a hotel that has WiFi, and use the Uber service to book rooms. 


Sign up for UberPool with your hotel.

Since you’re using Uber, the Uber Pool service is also available at your hotel’s website.


Get the Uber-approved Uber app.

This app lets you check the availability of a particular UberPool rental car, as well as the number, type, and date of the car you’re booking.

It also lets people reserve rooms online.


Grab a UberPool pickup from a nearby hotel.

This will let you pick up the rental car from a hotel nearby.


Buy UberPool tickets.

There’s also an UberPass that you’ll receive at the end of your trip that you need to use to buy tickets to UberPool vehicles.


Check out UberPool’s UberPool website.

The website is really easy to use and easy to browse.

It’s also great to have a place to look up UberPool availability, and you can also look up which cars you can use in UberPool-approved cities. 


Go to the Uber website and book your UberPss.

Now that you know how to book an UberPOOL trip, UberParks, or UberPool cars, how do you book UberPool flights? 

The UberPool program is similar to Uber’s standard trip, which allows you take a ride to a destination.

The main difference is that when you use the regular UberPicks service, you do so using a different app called UberPixar, which you can access from within your Uber app or through the Uber mobile app.

You’ll see a menu that looks like this: 1) Pick a route to get to the destination. In the