You can book your travel agencies flight to New Zealand or to London, or even a cruise ship, for $500 a ticket.

And they’re not all in the same city.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal highlights the differences in the costs of booking your first trip and booking your second trip.

A flight to a city in the United States costs around $10,000, according to the article.

A trip to a European country costs around two-thirds of that.

The article notes that “a single person’s first-time trip can easily cost more than $50,000.”

In fact, a trip to any country in the world, including those in Europe, costs around a quarter of that figure.

For more, see the WSJ article.

In Canada, booking your flights to New Year’s Eve is about $30,000 for a two-day flight and $55,000 a two, three-day trip.

That means that the cheapest option for a trip from Canada to New Orleans is between $200,000 and $300,000.

But that’s if you’re willing to pay for a first-class seat.

The cheapest second-class seats, which are typically priced at around $20,000 each, are around $300 per night, and a third of that price is the difference between the first- and second-day tickets.

And for those who prefer to book directly to a flight, the cheapest tickets are usually about $50 per night.

You’ll need to book your flights, which typically take around two months to complete, in advance.

Booking your flights can also be a little trickier if you don’t live near the destination.

There are some travel agencies that offer first-come, first-served, reservations, and those can be cheaper, too.

For example, the website charges a $99 fee for first-person, first class tickets on most flights.

But if you book a flight to Vancouver, British Columbia, you’ll pay $2,000 per night for a single-occupancy room in a luxury suite.

That’s because you have to be a first class passenger, and that includes a room for the flight.

If you’re on a budget, booking flights to the Caribbean can be a bit more expensive, though.

Some travel agencies, like Travelocity, even offer rates on the low end for first class travel.

The most expensive tickets are around the $2-3,000 range.