A Florida travel agency has agreed to pay $3.8 million to a Florida man who sued to get a lower-priced hotel in a Florida hotel chain.

The Florida Travel Agency has agreed in a settlement with Brian Smith that it will pay $2.4 million to Jeffrey Smith, who sued the Tampa travel agency in December over the company’s decision to accept a Priceline hotel booking.

The Tampa travel company, which had previously said it did not know Smith was in Tampa, was not named in the settlement agreement.

In January, Tampa-based Priceline agreed to settle with Smith after the Florida Travel agency alleged that the company did not have an independent vetting process in place.

The company had said it used a third-party company to conduct the vetting process and did not need a third party to review the hotel.

Smith, who has been working with the Florida travel company for years, alleged that Priceline had pressured him to accept Priceline’s hotel booking as part of a larger hotel chain in Tampa.

The Tampa travel agent said it had no involvement with the hotel and that Smith had signed an agreement not to use the hotel for business purposes.

Smith’s lawsuit also alleged that he received a $2,500 check for his hotel booking, but that the check had been canceled before he could get a receipt.

He also alleged in his complaint that a Pricemanal.com website that was used to book the hotel had an error and that a customer was sent a message saying he was not booked in the hotel, which caused Smith to be charged a higher hotel price than he was entitled to.

The company said in a statement to The Associated Press that the Tampa-area travel agency had not been involved in the vetting or processing of the hotel booking and that it had not made any decisions related to Priceline prior to Smith’s claim.