By David Nwachukwu, ESPN Staff WriterFor some reason, there’s a lot of banana travel in South Africa.

And, at least according to some of the country’s most popular banana travel agencies.

In the past year, the Banana Travel Agency has added new routes to its network, expanding its network to four cities in South African cities, adding more cities to its existing network and expanding the number of routes it offers.

In 2017, Banana Travel also added three more cities in Johannesburg, adding to the current three.

The company is also adding more and more destinations to its networks, with an option to book a whole day’s banana travel to a destination in one week.

Banana Travel says its banana travel agents have more than 3,000 banana trips booked to date.

The new routes Banana Travel is currently booking include trips to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

But Banana Travel does not offer banana trips to destinations such as Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, where it is banned.

The company’s website says its only route is to Cape Port Elizabeth on a Saturday, meaning that a banana trip to Cape South Africa would be a Saturday trip only.

Banana Travel also says it is offering an option for those who want to stay in Cape Town on a Sunday and are traveling from a city outside the city.

Bananas travel agent and travel blogger, Eben Storz, said he thought Banana Travel was adding routes to the network, and he had no idea that its banana route to Cape Spring would be expanded to include more cities and that the new routes would be to more cities.

Storz said he was shocked when he read the Banana travel agency’s statement.

“It’s shocking.

It’s quite a shock.

It means that we’re now able to book bananas to some locations that are not available to other operators,” Storiz said.

Bananavare travel agent, JB Dezalu, said the company was expanding its routes in a way that he did not expect.

“We can now take people to other cities in different states of South Africa,” Dezale said.

“We can do it on the weekend and then take them to Cape Adelaide.”

But Dezales also said that Banana Travel had not expanded the banana routes to Cape Peninsula, which is banned by the South African government.

“Banana is not expanding to the mainland,” DeZales said.

The South African Tourism Development Board said the expansion of Banana Travel’s network was part of a wider strategy that was to diversify the countrys banana travel offerings.

“The Banana Travel Network has been expanded across Cape Town to include a number of additional destinations and will also include more routes to destinations in the Cape Peninsula in the future,” the statement said.

“This is part of our wider strategy to provide more and better value for customers.”

However, the board said that it did not provide any details about where the new banana routes would go.

The agency has not responded to a request for comment.