CNN is planning to air a segment on the “torture and murdered” Nepalesean tourist, James Foley, as part of its coverage of the Nepaleses ongoing humanitarian crisis, CNN’s Senior Vice President of Production Jon Gold wrote on Twitter.

“Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Jimmy’ Kimmel Live!’ will air this Wednesday at 9pm ET/PT on CNN.

I will be there, too,” he tweeted.”

James Foley, the “American journalist” who was killed last week in Pakistan, is a victim of an international conspiracy, CNN said in a statement on Tuesday.”

He was murdered by an organization that is part of a global criminal network that is intent on killing, torturing, and murdering journalists and their families,” the network said.”

We know that the world is watching, and we are taking action.

We are working with the U.S. government, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross and the U,N.

to take action against this global criminal organization.”CNN has yet to announce the name of the network that will air the segment.CNN has previously reported that it was investigating whether the U-turn was a “mistake,” though the network has never said definitively whether it had made such a decision.

Gold also posted a message on Twitter that was retweeted more than 10,000 times on Tuesday, calling for an immediate investigation of the decision to cancel the segment on Foley.”

My heart breaks for those families that lost a loved one and for those journalists who have been murdered.

We will not rest until justice is served,” he wrote.”

But we must also work to end this epidemic of impunity for crimes against journalists.

We must end this scourge of impunity and impunity.

“Gold has been critical of CNN for its coverage on Foley’s death.

On Monday, Gold tweeted that the network had gone too far in calling the Ummayad Khan family “conspirators” for not calling for the Uthman family to be killed.”CNN is wrong in this case and has gone too much too far.

Please do not be fooled by its ‘news’ coverage,” he said.CNN also removed a segment that had aired on Tuesday night in which host Jake Tapper, a frequent Trump critic, called the Khan family and its leader, Atef Khan, “conspiracy theorists.

“Tapper had appeared on the air to ask whether the Khan brothers, along with their father, should be executed.CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

What’s happening here is the Umar Khan family is in fact, a terrorist organization.

It has an entire army of followers that are willing to carry out atrocities. “

Its members are trying to kill journalists and kill their families.

It has an entire army of followers that are willing to carry out atrocities.

Its people have killed journalists.

It was the CIA and it was the FBI that did it.”

Gold also tweeted that “we have a very real problem in our world” with “collusion and treason” in the U.-S.

and that “nobody knows who has colluded with the Russians to assassinate Trump.

The only person we have any information on is James Foley.”CNN did have plans to air the footage from Foley’s final days, including footage from his time at a CIA compound in Kabul, Afghanistan, Gold wrote in a tweet.”

This is a crucial time for journalists and others who are reporting on the Uighur refugee crisis, the Syrian refugee crisis and the plight of those in the Middle East who are persecuted for the crime of being Uighurs.

CNN will air all of these stories live, without any edits or filters.

CNN is a media organization and we need to report what we know, and not what we don’t know,” he added.

Gold has previously criticized CNN for using footage from an interview with a woman who had said she was tortured by the CIA as a source of information for a segment titled “Flynn, Trump and the War on the Truth.”