Two days after it launched, FourFourFourMobile is still not working for me.

The app crashed after I updated to version 3.2.4.

This seems to be an issue with my device’s Wi-Fi connection, but I have not been able to find any official explanation.

A post on the app’s forum reveals that this issue may be the result of the app not being updated to work on iOS 9.

It says that the app has been tested on the latest iOS 9 beta, which includes a fix.

FourFourMobile does not mention the specific reason for the problem.

The thread includes a screenshot of the latest beta version, and a note about an update to version 4.0.5 that will be released soon.

FourThree has since updated its app to version 2.1.2, which fixes the issue.

But for now, I’m stuck with my old experience.

I’m hoping that this is just a bug that needs to be fixed before the app can be updated to the latest version.